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Our Mandate

The mandate of the MoW Sports Club rests upon the provision of adequate and diverse quality hospitality services to the satisfaction of clients, providing them with competitive sporting facilities and thereby enhancing their well-being.


  • The vision of the MoW Sports Club is “To achieve a regional competitive edge and excellence in provision of club sporting, recreational and hospitality services to members and guests”.


  • The mission of the MoW Sports Club is to “To provide unrivalled and diverse quality products and services in sporting, recreational and hospitality to its clients for the improvement of their well-being”.

Core Values

In its endeavor to achieve its vision, the MoW Sports Club is guided by the following core values that inform and underpin this plan:


  • Friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests and visitors.


  • Meeting needs of clients and being able to motivate and inspire them.


  • Working as a team to achieve a common purpose or goal.


  • Accountable for any services rendered to the guests and subjecting our actions to public scrutiny.


  • Competent delivery of services to clients.


  • Being honest and doing the right thing in a reliable way.


  • Complete right of dominion over actions and decisions.


  • Operate on rules and code of behaviour.

Utmost respect

  • Value of the esteemed guests.


  • Accept responsibility for the actions taken or services rendered.